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Towns County Technology Department
  Trena Stroud- Tech Director
Trena Stroud
Technology Director
  Gary Pyrlik - Technology Supervisor
Gary Pyrlik
Technology Supervisor
Nick McDonald - Technology Specialist
Nick McDonald
Technology Specialist

We Are Technology
The purpose of education is to prepare students to be productive and caring adults. Within this context, we believe that technology is a tool for learning that expands our range of instruction, and is the vehicle that maximizes the capacity of all teachers and students. It is the vision of Towns County Schools that students be engaged in a stimulating academic environment and a challenging curriculum that is student-centered and focused on inquiry-based learning. Specifically, we envision that technology is available and effectively supported for all students and staff:
  • Use technology to focus on improving student achievement for all students.
  • Provide access to modern educational technology for all students.
  • Provide Internet and on-line resources for all students.
  • Provide effective and engaging software that focuses on school curriculum for all students.
  • Provide teachers the training that adequately integrates technology into instructional practices.
It is our intention that this vision will remain constant over the course of our plan and that it will guide the day-to-day and year-to-year implementation of technology across Towns County Schools.