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Federal Programs  
  Erica Chastain
Erica Chastain
Fed. Programs Director
706-896-4131 EXT:1134
Federal Programs
Title I, Part A, Academic Achievement

Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s schools. The goal of Title I is to provide a higher quality of education for every child. The Title I program serves millions of children in elementary and secondary schools each year. The federal government provides funding to the states each year for Title I. The state educational agencies then send the money to qualifying school districts. The local school district identifies eligible schools and provides those schools with funds for supplementing the education of their students.

Towns County Schools qualify for Title I based on a system wide percentage of almost 60% of our students who are eligible for free or reduced meals at school. Towns County students are served by Title I in all three schools. Towns County Elementary School and Towns County Middle School have a Schoolwide Program. Students in Towns County High are served through a Targeted Assistance Program.

Title I funds can be used to provide additional teachers and paraprofessionals, additional training for school staff, extra time for instruction, teaching materials for content subject area and parent involvement activities.

Questions about the Title I Program can be directed to Erica Chastain at 706-896-4131 ext 1134 or echastain@townscountyschools.org

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